#ffff33 Shorin Kung Fu, Kung Fu, Tai Chi and martial training in Colorado Springs



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I have trained in several martial arts schools, and this is by far the best instruction around!

-David A.

When I was promoted to my last rank, I felt as if I had really achieved something. I hadn't always felt that at my other schools.

-Hugo C.

After 20 years of martial arts, what a wonderful surprise to come to Colorado Springs and discover a truly top-tier school! Imagine: a multitude of intensely dedicated instructors, challenging, diverse work-outs, a calm friendly atmosphere, and extremely competitive rates. Martial arts heaven! 

-Ken M. Major (ret), USAF, PMP

I had knee surgery recently and was looking for a creative way to rehabilitate it. I have not only astonished my doctors with my progress and healing, I have found something I really enjoy.

-Wayne M.